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Technology can spur development in many sectors in communities across the country. It can be used in such diverse sectors as agriculture, education, health, environment, tourism, environment, and commerce. Technology enables cities, businesses, and organizations to develop better businesses, improve city services, advocate for causes, and improve the lives of people.

The intervention of the COVID-19 pandemic has deeply affected society and the economy. It has strained all sectors, from education, agriculture, travel and tourism, and emergency response; this will likely be the case for the near future. During these trying times, digital technology has become a lifeline in keeping our society functional in a time of lockdowns and quarantines.

The pandemic has accelerated digital adoption among Filipinos. Out of necessity, more people and organizations have shifted to digital transactions -telehealth, e-payments, e-commerce, and other digital-enabled activities. As we move towards recovery, this digital transition is expected to continue and become a permanent fixture in our daily lives.

Join our Lab on Empowering Communities through Technology as we share developments on digital technology in light of the pandemic and listen to how communities are using technology to work, learn, and play in the new normal. Speakers include Mayor Antonio Joseph "Jopet" Inton of Municipality of Hermosa, Bataan; Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit, Founder and Managing Director of Stratbase Group; and Iloisa Romaraog-Diga, CEO of Session Groceries.


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