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Published on February 26, 2021

A new and improved Liveable Cities Dashboard is set to launch this April. A preview to this project was presented by Liveable Cities Challenge Chairman Bill Luz and UK Ambassador to the Philippines Daniel Pruce during the first (virtual) Liveable Cities Labs for 2021 on February 24.

The Dashboard creates a visual overview and informative profile of the 146 cities in the Philippines. It consolidates multiple data sources of city information across various indicators over time - Basic Info, Jobs and Skills, Education, Local Economy, Doing Business, Mobility and Interconnectivity, Health, Urban Environment, Resiliency and Emergency Response, and Safety and Security.

“It allows local chief executives and managers to make informed decisions and improve service delivery. It can help gain insights to formulate policies and improve accountability and understanding of local operations. It also allows citizens and the private sector to identify innovative ways of using public data to engage with their local government,” said Bill Luz on the Liveable Cities Dashboard.

“We hope very much that the Dashboard will help foster an innovative mentality and collaborative attitude towards a more sustainable and inclusive city planning and governance approach; and in moving toward digitalization, we likewise pave the path the democratizing city planning and policy-making grassroots level to promote healthier, greener, and more resilient cities,” Ambassador Pruce added in his message.

The Liveable Cities Dashboard is a project of the Liveable Cities Challenge Philippines with the support of the British Embassy Manila and Globe, and in partnership with the Cities Municipalities Competitiveness Index, the League of Cities of the Philippines, the Philippine Disaster Resilience Foundation, and with the Delivery Associates as the platform developer.

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