Liveable cities

Published on August 25, 2021


Architect Cathy Saldana outlined the criteria for the liveability of cities as: stability, healthcare, education, culture, and environment. These correlate with the standard of environmental and social components, which look into: employment and economic opportunities, education and skills development, health and safety, equality, and community engagement and benefit.

In terms of a liveable structure, it is crucial to transport and mobility- the location of a building and its proximity to key establishments like supermarkets, hospitals, schools, and its accessibility to public transportation, including amenities for cyclists and pedestrians. It should also consider the environmental indoor quality, such as: daylight and outdoors views, access to thermal comfort, visual comfort, acoustic comfort, indoor air quality, low VOC environment, microbial contamination prevention, and others.

Architect Cathy listed key recommendations that would promote green buildings in liveable cities:

1. For policymakers to enact a national legislation that provides tax incentives and other measures that would encourage investing in green buildings,

2. For architects and planners to raise the standards and adopt a more liveable approach

3. For LGUs to pass ordinances that would ensure that structures are built according to green standards

“It is important that going green is embodied in our culture and is a public responsibility.”


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