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by Michan Alpuerto, Published on February 17, 2020

Entry Categories

There are four entry categories: Resilience, Mobility, GovTech, and Basic Services. Cities may pick one or more categories to submit entries to and compete in.

Cities will be divided into two groups: Component Cities and Highly Urbanized Cities. Entries will compete within these two groups.


Competition Team

Cities are required to form a competition team with the Mayor as the head. The Mayor is encouraged to include representatives from relevant city departments, academe, and private sector, and engage citizen participation as this would be beneficial in developing solutions and strategies for the competition.


Submission Requirements

A. Mobility, Resilience, and Basic Services

For Cities participating in Mobility, Resilience, and Basic Services, the following will be required to be submitted in hard copy and in electronic files the following documents as part of their competition entries:

1.    Presentation Panels:  Four (4) Exhibition Boards of size 30” x 40”, in landscape format, containing the proposed project (whether a solution/design for Resilience, Mobility, GovTech or Basic Services) vicinity map, site plan, building footprint and/or layout, diagrams, schematics, perspective drawings, and other relevant images or illustrations of proposed structures necessary for visualizing and understanding the project.

The panels must be clearly labeled with the name of the city and its competition focus area (for instance, (1) Resilience Design, (2) Mobility Design, (3) GovTech Design, or (4) Basic Services Design).

All images featured on the panels must be in RGB mode with a resolution of 72 PPI. Maximum file size of each image is 2500 KB.

Note: Participating cities are required to keep and submit the high-resolution file of 300 PPI. The Liveable Cities Challenge Secretariat will advise entrants if and when these are needed for publication.

2.    Narrative Report:  The Narrative Report shall consist of no more than ten A4 pages, inclusive of diagrams and double spaced text (Times New Roman, font size 11). The report will describe the project’s underlying process, targets and overall outcome. It must clearly contain the project concept, rationale, features, an indicative cost estimate, a proposed financing scheme, and a sustainability plan.  Credit will be given to projects that are able to discuss performance in use, as distinct from predictions/prescriptions at the drawing board.

The Narrative Report must clearly state the name of the city and its competition focus area (for instance, (1) Resilience Design, (2) Mobility Design, (3) GovTech Design, or (4) Basic Services Design).

The Narrative Report must be submitted as a PDF electronic file.

Note: Participating cities are required to prepare and submit soft copy files at a higher resolution of 300 PPI. These may be needed for the post-competition publication of winning entries. The Liveable Cities Design Challenge Secretariat will advise the cities if and when high-resolution soft copies and/or print hard copies of the report and panels are needed. Where print hard copies are needed, the shipping cost of materials to Manila shall be for the account of the cities.

3.    Audio-Visual Presentation:  Participating cities should prepare an audio-visual presentation no longer than five (5) minutes, in the form of a slideshow presentation with still photos and images, and/or a walk-through animation.

Note: The Audio-Visual Presentation should be submitted in its final format in electronic form.

4.    Budget, financial resources needed for project, and source of funding

Kindly indicate the possible sources of funding for the said solution/project. Funding can come from the city government’s budget, or it can be funded by grants or through the private sector in a Public-Private Partnership project.

5.    Implementation timetable

A project schedule, which indicates and describes what activities and tasks, should be delivered which will lead to its final implementation.


B. GovTech

1.    For Cities participating in GovTech, instead of providing Presentation Panels, the cities are required to present a prototype or model of concept for an app or a system (if applicable). The prototype should also include a walkthrough on how the app or system works.

2.    Those who are competing in the GovTech category are also required to submit the following documents as mentioned above: Narrative Report, Audio-Visual Presentation, Budget, Financial Resources needed for project, Source of Funding, and Implementation Timetable.

As a general rule, participating cities should make their presentations as clear and easy to understand as possible, given the large number of submissions and the limited time that judges will have to review them.  The city competition teams should strive to package their solutions in a compelling and succinct fashion



Initial Considerations/Factors for Judging

All entries for each competition entries will be judged based on their consideration and realization of the three (3) broad categories and sub-categories enumerated below:

  1. Aesthetic And Form:  Adherence to design principles of structural integrity, harmony, beauty, and overall attractiveness in relation with the dominant or prevailing landscape of the proposed project area.
  2. Substantive Elements:  Adherence and appropriate integration of relevant concepts and principles on: (a) economic and social linkaging and integration, (b) ecological balance, (c) physical/land resource use efficiency, (d) infrastructure and utility optimization, and (e) disaster resiliency.
  3. Feasibility:  Adherence, where applicable, to the principles of sound and acceptable financial viability (e.g., payback, FIRR, BCR and NPV) and risk management at various stages of project implementation.


Addressing the challenge

Keep the following questions in mind as you design your solution for the challenge

Is it a solution to a felt problem?

What percentage of your city population is affected by this problem?

Will the solution address that specific problem?

Has it been articulated by the constituents?

Is your idea innovative and will it work?

Have you backed up your idea with relevant scientific knowledge and/or technical information to support it?

Is the solution comprehensive and well within the capacity of the city to launch?


The SOLUTIONS must be:

SCALABLE, harnessing good practices toward using information and communication technology at the city level;

SUPPORTED by local communities and the local government;

SENSITIVE to local cultural, economic, and ecological considerations;

SUSTAINABLE, providing long-term economic and social benefits to the Community.

Note:  Additional considerations/factors for judging, and more importantly, the detailed formal criteria for judging shall be forwarded to participating cities through succeeding supplementary competition guidelines.


Timetable for Submission of Entries

Entries must be submitted in both hard and soft copies to the Liveable Cities Challenge Secretariat, with address at 2F AIM Conference Center, Benavidez Cor Trasierra Sts, Legaspi Village, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines, and email addresses and, not later than March 31, 2020.  Entries submitted after this date will automatically be disqualified from the competition.

The following are the significant dates for the Liveable Cities Challenge (Design Phase):

December 14, 2019: Deadline of Entries

Second Week of January 2020: Distribution of the Guidelines

March 31, 2020: Submission of Entries

First to Second Week of April 2020: Screening and Judging of Entries

May 2020: Announcement of Winners

Note: Any unavoidable change in the schedule provided above shall be formally communicated to participating cities through supplementary competition guidelines


Project work plan and timeline












Competition Announcement

17 October 2019

SCS Summit








Distribution of Competition kits


October to November 2019







Deadline of Entries



Dec 14, 2019






Distribution of Competition Guidelines and Criteria




Second Week of January





Competition Proper









Deadline of Entries






March 31, 2020



Screening and Judging of Entries







First to Second Week of Apr


Announcement of Winners








Summit / Awarding


Social Media

Cities and teams are encouraged to document their experience throughout the duration of the competition. Photos and quotes from the workshops, charettes or anything pertaining to the Liveable Cities Challenge may be posted on the relevant social media outlets.

When engaging in social media (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.), please use the hashtags, #LiveableCitiesPH   #LiveableCitiesChallenge

Kindly follow us also in our social media accounts:


Instagram: @liveable_ph

Twitter: @liveable_ph

Youtube: Liveable Cities Philippines



Each submission must be accompanied by signed consent from the City Mayor.  Participating cities will be furnished the relevant templates of the forms through subsequent supplementary guidelines.

1. Letter of commitment signed by the City Mayor

2. Competition Team (See Annex A) ASAP

Note: Final submissions, shall be accompanied by the forms in hard and soft copies



For questions and clarifications, you may contact Ms. Michan Alpuerto, through +63.917.624.7585 / +63.915.315.3425 or email

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