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  • Liveable Cities Philippines

    Baguio City, Philippines

  • Liveable Cities Philippines

    Panay Power Corporation Power Plant, Iloilo, Philippines

  • Liveable Cities Philippines

    Forbes Bridge, Iloilo, Philippines

  • Liveable Cities Philippines

    San Fernando - Aerial Shot San Fernando City Seaport by EGB

Welcome to the Liveable Cities Design Challenge

The Liveable City Design Challenge is a planning and design competition with the objective of having city planners across the Philippines better plan their respective cities and municipalities for a climate-defined future by being more aware and better prepared for disaster-risk reduction. At the same time, city planners are encouraged to design Liveable Cities that offer safety, convenience, livelihood, lifestyle, and sustainability that attract people to live, work, and play so their cities can be competitive.

19 cities have been selected to join the competition. Cities include those hosting APEC Meetings in 2015 and others that are vulnerable or have been affected by disasters in the past. Cities or municipalities have committed to undergoing orientation and participating in planned workshops.

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